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How VFX Artists have proved wrong Avatar 2 Trailer CGI Backlash?

How VFX Artists have proved wrong Avatar 2 Trailer CGI Backlash?

Scenes from Avatar 2

Is Avatar 2 a visually stunning family saga?

Avatar 2 Trailer: It’s been more than a decade that fans are waiting for Avatar 2. But, we all know that the sequel to Avatar 2 is on its way. James Cameron has directed two of the highest-grossing movies of all time i.e; Titanic and Avatar.  These two movies by James Cameron were so successful. Despite years of ticket price inflation, these two movies outgrossed the Force Awakens i.e; 2.07 GB in 2015.  From this, it is easy to comprehend why Fox has not pressured Cameron to release his movie when he is not ready.

Avatar 2 will be released later this year. And we all know that the sequel’s first footage was screened on April 27 at the Cinemacon showcase. But, what does the footage gives a glimpse of?  Moreover, the first trailer of Avatar 2 promises an extravaganza. But, do fans want to put their eyes through the meat grinder all over again?

Is it worth it to watch Avatar 2?

There is no such thing that is weird in the Avatar universe. As viewers have already watched Avatar, they might be patiently waiting for the next movie. There is something inevitably attractive about Avatar 2 ” The Way of Water”. Fans are about to witness a movie that will sound better than anything else you have seen in the theatres.

Fans will get glimpses of the visually stunning land of Pandora from the footage. Ocean or water plays a pivotal part in many shoots of the movie. Avatar 2 would be family-centric and visually stunning. As we hear Jake says that

Wherever we go this family is our fortress.

The release date of Avatar 2 is December 16, 2022. It would be languages like English, Hindi, Kannada, Telugu,  Malayalam, and Tamil.

VFX Artists have proved wrong Avatar 2 Trailer CGI Backlash

But there is interesting news that VFX Artists have proven Avatar 2 Trailer CGI Backlash. Professional VFX Artists claim that

” James Cameron has upgraded every single visual component in the trailer of Avatar 2.”

Visual effect artists disproved The Way of Water trailer Backlash. James released a teaser trailer in early May which provided fans with the first look at the underwater world of the movie. We all know that trailer was immediately a hit. Because it has clocked over 148 million views in under 24 hours.

Still, the Avatar 2 trailer is not without its detractors. Cameron has developed a new technology to ensure quality underwater motion capture elements. But, Avatar 2’s critics said that because the sequel

” The original Avatar movie will lose its cultural significance.”

Other critics go even further to say that

” The teaser trailer of Avatar 2 does not look significantly different than the original movie trailer.”

However, the Avatar 2 trailer success has somehow proven James Cameron haters wrong.  In a new video from Corridor Crew, three VFX artists have refuted these detractors. These artists were of the view that Avatar 2 has updated CGI from the original Avatar. But, Cameron has done so in significant ways. However, the team is conscious of preserving the ” aesthetics of the original movie”. The VFX artists claim that the new trailer has made significant progress than the previous Avatar movie. Furthermore, VFX artists remarks that

James Cameron has managed to nail the aesthetics of the original movie. But, he has also succeeded in upgrading every single visual component.”

Moreover, VFX artists emphasize one shot of a Navi person who adjusts a leather strip in the water. They said that the shot was generated by a computer. So, why does the internet refuse to believe that this is not a computer-generated shot?

Avatar 2 is full of practical effects

However, many viewers still do not believe that Avatar 2 contained full-scale CGI water. Moreover, VFX artists have proven that the disbelief of these viewers has spoken well about the visual quality of the film. The physical dynamics of the water in the intimate close-up shot look incredibly lifelike. Hence, it mirrors that of actual water.  However, the fact is that the CGI of Avatar 2 is not distractingly different from the original Avatar. It proves that the VFX artists of Avatar 2 have paid close attention to the world they have built. Even though they have used far improved technologies. Still, they stayed faithful to the original universe. 

Moreover, VFX Artists have dismantled the theory that the Avatar 2 is of practical effects. Hence, they have broken down the original elements of the shot and others in the trailer of The Way of Water. It involves the fact that the dripping hands are not the painted skin of an actor but a CGI skin.

We all know that so many years have passed since the original Avatar came out. So, it can be easy for the viewers to quickly dismiss the new movie i.e; Avatar 2. Viewers can dismiss the sequel claiming that it has missed the mark of its groundbreaking predecessors. However, from the new shot-by-shot breakdown, you can glean a clear eye that new CGI technology is intricate. The eye shape of Navi is still identical to the original Avatar.

Screams 6 will add Avatar 2 cast

There is another news that is of much excitement for the fans of the Franchise. The news is that Screams 6 will add Avatar 2. Mark Ruffalo and Sam Worthington will join the cast of the upcoming horror sequel.

Final words

After fourteen years, you will get a chance to return to one of the most breathtaking cinematic worlds. Avatar 2 has the potential to be more prolific than its predecessor. There are a lot of new updates and news about Avatar 2. However, there are some detractors, but the original Avatar will not lose its cultural significance because of the sequel. VFX artists are industry professionals. They have shown palpable excitement towards the advancement present in The Way of Water.

Although, the trailer for Avatar 2 creates immense CGI advances. But, the movie is full of practical effects according to VFX artists. So, you can say that Avatar 2’s CGI world is clearly no less stunning and vibrant than the previous Avatar.

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