Five big reasons to watch the movie AVATAR 2

animated movie:

The movie avatar 2 was an animated movie that will be released on 16 December 2022 in cinemas. The delay in the release of the movie is due to past COVID-19 conditions. The rumors that came to know about the movie are so interesting people are waiting for Avatar 2 for so long. If there is consensus, the movie must be seen on the biggest possible screen. The movie includes so many new and different kinds of characters that make it more interesting.

new underwater vehicle:

The interesting thing that will be seen in the movie is, that the new underwater vehicle is also used, which is called CRABSUIT. This vehicle is not seen before in the world as completely a new invention. Avatar 2 is a deep, emotional, and meaningful story with tons of detail, depth, and complexity-based movie. Mostly the action-based movies lack emotional factors, but this is not the case with Avatar 2, it is a full emotion-packed movie.

storyline concerns:

the movie Avatar 2 storyline concerns the war between four tribes

  1. The Earth Kingdom
  2. Fire Nation
  3. Water Tribe,
  4. The absent Air Nomads.

And (the head of all four tribes) Aang oversees the peace among all the tribes. Generally, all four things are not seen in the same picture but this movie will be showing all the tribes on the same page. The movie will bring the interest of the viewers with the interesting characters which will be fascinating, on the other hand, side characters are also enthralling.  


the movie includes details about the detailed world-building, details put into crafting the environments in the world of Avatar: The Last Airbender. All four tribes in the movie have different types of environments, even all the nations have different types of architecture. All tribes have a unique style of dressing, behaving, and inhabitants. The earth kingdom in the movie will largely show the landscape with dense forests. The water tribe calls the frigid North and South Pole their habitat where they are peaceful inhabitants focused solely on surviving. The fire nation will portray the fiery volcanic islands they live on with hostile nations. Lastly, the air nomads are congress by the mountain once, likely a group of monastic air bend characterized by their free spirit.

Five big reasons to watch the movie AVATAR 2

the immersive setting of Pandora:

the strong 3D effect and the immersive setting of Pandora are there in the movie. The rollercoaster movies will bring the viewer to roll with the scenes. In no time the story makes the people involved so much that they might forget about the glasses which causes a problem for the people many times.  The 3D effect gave depth to the scenes. And represents the technology as important as the motion-capture programs that created Neytiri. Avatar 2 will be the movie of the decade, distinctly a movie of its time. Not creating the hype, but the basic fact that everyone you know will be discussing Avatar 2. So you do not keep yourself out of the conversation. Even if the movie will not rule at the box office or meet the other standards, it will owe your time.


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